converting a yard from meadow to grass

Asked June 2, 2017, 3:34 PM EDT

My son has recently moved to a new house that has a very over grown meadow in the front yard. He is very concerned with young children about ticks and hates the messy appearance in his front. He is trying to take it back to grass. Is there a safe,organic chemical you would recommend to kill the weeds? He has mowed it short but that isn't solving much except the look is neater?

Baltimore County Maryland

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How large is the area?
There are no organic chemicals that will offer the complete kill that you are looking for.
He could try smothering it with black plastic for several weeks, but may not be able or want to do that.
We'd suggest a lawn renovation in the late summer into fall, which is the best time to do this. The careful use of a non-selective herbicide with the active ingredient glyphosate is recommended. It is sprayed on the plants and kills them to the root. Children and animals are kept out of the area until the spray dries.
It doesn't last long in the environment (low residual) and does not move through the soil.
The following publication, Lawn Establishment, Renovation and Overseeding contains all of the information and steps needed to get the job done: