Looking to hire knowledgeable Lemon Tree Expert to Help Re-Pot

Asked June 2, 2017, 2:30 PM EDT

Hello Master Gardeners... Here I am again, inquiring about my beloved Meyer Lemon Tree, which belonged to my Dad. He passed away in 2009 and I have been caring for this wonderful sweet tree ever since. You all have been wonderful about giving such good advice in the past. Thank you. I now realize that I need to re-pot my Meyer Lemon Tree...it is root bound...I am sure of it. I would like to pay somebody for their expertise to help us do this, here at the farm. This tree is very special to me, and I cannot let anything happen to it. Do you know of a Lemon Tree expert that I can call and who might be willing to be paid to help us. (I will pay nearly anything) I do not have enough knowledge or confidence to do this myself/ourselves. Currently our lemon tree is in an 18"-24" pot and is showing signs of needing help...transplanted out of that pot and into a bigger one. Thank you so much for being accessible...you guys are fantastic!!

Lincoln County Oregon

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Regrettably I do not know of a local or OSU citrus tree specialist that would be able to assist in your repotting project. I would recommend you check with local nurseries Blake's & Bear Valley
or those closest in the valley Shonnard's, Tom's and Garlands come to mind.

In the meantime I will put some feelers out to our local MG's to see if they have any other suggestions,