I live in Pickerington, Ohio and would like to know what pests and diseases...

Asked June 2, 2017, 8:09 AM EDT

I live in Pickerington, Ohio and would like to know what pests and diseases are common to the area and affect fruit trees and shrubs. I plan to plant as many different fruiting plants as possible, but I'll restrict this email to apple trees. Concerning apple trees: 1. What pests and diseases do I need to be concerned with (so I know which disease resistant varieties to get, if any)? 2. Would columnar apple trees make sufficient pollinators of a large (i.e., semi-dwarf) apple tree? 3. What red-fleshed apple varieties would grow best in my area? I'm also curious about their respective bloom times, which is hard to find data. Thank you! Tim

Fairfield County Ohio

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Hi Tim,

We have quite a few factsheets that answer your questions. There is on one apple specifically: http://ohioline.osu.edu/findafactsheet

You may also want to purchase bulletins 780 and 940: http://estore.osu-extension.org/


1. Apple scab, powdery mildew, codling moth, Japanese beetle and others.

2. Columnar apple may not produce enough flowers/pollens for pollinating other apple trees. Sargent crabapple is a good pollen source. You can also graft different apply cultivars on your existing apply tree.

3. I do not know which red fleshed apple variety will do better than others. I think they all very similar to common apple varieties in terms of pest and disease issues.

Hope this helps. Happy gardening!