Iridescent Blue-Black Wasp

Asked June 1, 2017, 5:40 PM EDT

We just bought a home with a pond and dual waterfalls. The backyard is extremely wet this year. Our deck is inundated with yellow jackets and the blue black wasps. I am having the yellow jackets sprayed. If the other wasps really are solitary mud dauber-type wasps, I hate to harm them. I try to limit the harm we do to insect species. Yellow jackets are just too aggressive to have around small children, animals, and sting-allergic people. Is the spray that kills yellow jackets liable to kill these other wasps as well?

Stark County Ohio

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The insecticide used for yellow jackets could affect the solitary wasps as well. To manage this, discuss with your pest management person your concerns. If they can find the yellow jacket nest in the ground, they can apply insecticide directly into the entrance and cover it with dirt to limit the amount of material that is left exposed for other invertebrates. A properly trained pest professional should be able to limit the impact on your beneficial insects.

Here is our factsheet on yellow jackets, and the Ohio guide to common wasps for your added information.

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