Are cherry trees difficult to grow?

Asked May 31, 2017, 11:08 PM EDT

Hello, I was interested in growing a cherry tree (the Starkrimson since it is self-pollinating and "smaller"). Though every time I look online about "how to grow cherry trees," I keep reading about the fungus, bacteria and insects that "attack" them. I also noticed that in Maryland, May tends to be a really wet month. I am not interested in any spraying. I already have a fig and persimmon tree. Should I just skip the cherry tree and grow an easier fruit that doesn't require spraying. Or can growing cherry trees be easy? Are there any other fruit trees that are "easy to grow" that don't require spraying? Thanks!

Howard County Maryland

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Almost all orchard fruit trees wrequire spraying in order to grow good dependable crops. Pears may not as much, depending upon the variety. And, depending upon the weather, some years an unsprayed tree may give decent fruit.

Figs and persimmons are good relatively carefree choices. For other tree fruits, stick with the most disease and pest resistant you can find. We give a list of recommended varieties in our Grow It Eat It section.

If you are open to small fruit plants, brambles and blueberries have less problems and you can avoid spraying usually. Red or black raspberries and blackberries grow well in Maryland. Read through the information in Grow It Eat It before you buy or plant, especially for blueberries which need very acid soil and different fertilizer than other fruit crops.