Creeping Charlie

Asked May 31, 2017, 9:56 PM EDT

What is the best way to get rid of it?

Hennepin County Minnesota creeping charlie

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Creeping Charlie is a common and very persistent weed. According to the extension turf expert at the University of Minnesota, a crucial part of lawn weed management is taking care of any underlying problems with your lawn that are keeping the grass from being healthy and dense. Otherwise, efforts to get rid of weeds need to regularly be repeated since the basic problem would still exist. Examples of things that can be done to improve the health of a lawn include proper mowing (not mowing the lawn too short), adequate and well timed fertilizing (a soil test can help determine fertilization needs), dethatching or aerating if needed, planting of the right grass seed in shady areas, pruning trees to allow more light in shady areas. Creeping Charlie does best in shady locations and can easily take over particularly when the lawn is thin or not healthy. Removal of existing creeping Charlie can be by hand in smaller areas and/ or by use of chemical controls - glyphosohate will kill all grass and creeping Charlie in the treated area if wishing to start over, or using a triclopyr containing product works best if wanting to affect the creeping Charlie without hurting the grass. Solarization is another option that doesn't require any herbicide use, which uses a plastic sheet to cover areas and the heat kills the weeds over time. This can take some time depending on sun exposure and temperatures. Please read these 2 recent articles for additional information and considerations regarding creeping Charlie.