How to clean a kerosene spill in the garage

Asked May 31, 2017, 11:48 AM EDT

I discovered that kerosene had leaked from it's container onto the concrete (floor has not been painted or otherwise sealed)) garage floor. By the time I found it, it had already soaked in and there was no longer a wet puddle. But there is an area about 1 square yard that is darker with soaked-in kerosene. It spilled next to a built-in wooden cabinet too, so the wood might have absorbed some as well. How do I clean this up so there is no fire or health hazard?

Washtenaw County Michigan

1 Response

I am sorry for the delay in answering your question but we didn't have an expert in this area. I am told by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and by others on campus that you can treat it much like a pesticide spill. Where you can spread kitty litter or shop floor absorbent on the spot and let it set and give it time to pull the kerosene out of the floor. MDARD also recommended contacting your local fuel company to see if they have a special product or pro