Mushrooms popping up in my garden

Asked May 31, 2017, 10:45 AM EDT

Due to the rain there are mushrooms popping up everywhere... in my garden, hanging baskets, raised beds, container plants. Is there anything I should be doing? I don't want my plants, especially my plumeria plant to die from the fungus. Thanks for your help!

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

Mushrooms are not uncommon due to the cool wet weather we are experiencing. There are many types of mushrooms that are involved in the breakdown of mulch.
The fungi are not harmful to your plants and it is simply an indication that the soil is moist. Remove the mushrooms and discard.

Make sure the containers have holes for good drainage and the soil drains well. Keep a thin layer of mulch and away from the plant stems. Provide proper care for the plants that you are growing.