Identifying a tree/shrub and plant

Asked May 31, 2017, 10:15 AM EDT

I have a few plants/shrubs/trees in my garden that I would like to identify. A friend referred me to your website. One picture shows a large tree/shrub that someone suggested might be an orange blossom or mock orange? The other photo is of a small plant that I bought a few years ago at the Leakin Park Herb Festival. It was sold as an edible plant and it looks like a type of lettuce maybe, but I have not eaten it because I lost the tag and don't know what it is!

Baltimore County Maryland

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You are correct with your i.d. of the blooming shrub. That must smell great!
This is Philadelphus, a.k.a. Mock Orange.
Here is a page about it:;

We think your third photo looks like Red-veined Dock (Rumex sanguineus).
It is mostly grown as an ornamental. Here is a page with more information:


Thank you! The mock orange smells wonderful all spring. It's a beautiful shrub! I also appreciate knowing that the other plant is edible but is meant as an ornamental. Very helpful information. Thanks also for the links.