My tree won't grow!

Asked May 30, 2017, 5:03 PM EDT

I bought my house 15 years ago. Two small trees were in the front yard, one on each side of the driveway. Since then, one tree has grown large and beautiful, but the other tree is still the same size it was 15 years ago, small and scrawny. Should I cut it down and plant another? It still leafs out every summer, but just doesn't grow. Both trees are maple trees. Thanks. Dave Gilbert

Wright County Minnesota stunted growth maple tree horticulture

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It is possible that the small tree is planted on more compacted soil and was not able to develop a root system or that it has stem girdling roots. I guess you could remove it but it wouldn't make sense to plant another until you figure out what the problem is. If the soil is compacted you would need to dig up the area and fix the issue. If the roots are growing around the base of the tree in a circle and cutting into the trunk you should be able to see that. You could also consider contacting a certified arborist and have him come and take a look and help you figure it out. Make sure that you choose someone who is certified. Here is a link to finding someone if you want.