Lawn grass goes to seed

Asked May 30, 2017, 1:45 PM EDT

My lawn grass forms seeds early June. The problem is the seed gets tracked out into the woods and othe:
r places where it starts to grow

My questions
1. Is there a reason seeds set so early and
2. what can be done to keep seeds from spreading?
3. Is there a Northern grass seed that doesn't produce viable seeds?

Kenai Peninsula Borough Alaska

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Hello There,

The timing of seed production is dependent on the species of grass. Currently, meadow foxtail is producing seed, while Canada Bluejoint will not produce seed for over a month.

In order to reduce seed production, mowing grass while they are in the boot stage (just beginning to develop flowering parts) will usually prevent full seed production during the growing season.

Most species of grass do produce grass seed. In addition to seed production, many species of grass will also be able to produce through stolons, rhizomes, or clonal fragmentation.