Cottony Camellia Scale

Asked May 30, 2017, 11:55 AM EDT

I have Cottony Camellia Scale on Taxus which I'm going to treat with Horticultural oil but I don't know the right time to treat, Can I do it now or wait for awhile? Thanks

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If you have Cottony Camellia/taxus scale, you want to treat them when the eggs have just hatched and they are in the vulnerable "crawler" stage, which could be now--although it might be a little early-- or in the next couple of weeks. Look for the small insects on the undersides of the leaves, and watch for movement. Spray them with a light summer/horticultural oil, or an insecticidal soap, being sure to reach all sides of the leaves and branches.

You also want to make sure the taxus is otherwise healthy-- a healthy plant will withstand the stress of an insect infestation better than a weakened one.