Treating mold or Fungus on Mature Leland Cedar

Asked May 30, 2017, 10:24 AM EDT

This is the first of 2 tree questions. I recently noticed mold or fungus at the base of a mature (over 20 years old) Leland Cypress. I saw this mold growing in the dirt near the tree but it has now spread to the tree. It is also growing on and around the treated lumber retaining wall and rock border near the tree. I am happy to send in a sample of the mold if it would be helpful. I am afraid this may be the same mold that ate through a 6x6 inch treated lumber post in a little less than a year. There is a second Leland Cypress nearby. What can I do to treat the mold?

Prince George's County Maryland

3 Responses

The only mold we see is a white mold growing in spots on the soil. This is not a mold that would be harmful to your tree or anything else. It is growing on dead organic material in the soil, a natural process which is simply part of organic matter decomposing. The soil looks rich with organic matter, which is perfectly good. No treatment is called for or necessary.


Thank you for your quick response. In the first image of the tree trunk, it may be hard to see but the mold is growing up the tree trunk -- not just on the soil. I just want to confirm that this is not cause for concern. I've reattached the image.

This looks like a lichen growing at the base of the trunk. These are not harmful to trees and they do not require any treatment.

Here is more information about lichens: