chipmunks in yard

Asked May 30, 2017, 9:30 AM EDT

I am under invasion by chipmunks this year. Is there an effective deterrent or a way of driving them out? I don't want to necessarily kill, or poison them but need to rid my yard. I am out in the country.

Otsego County Michigan wildlife damage management

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There is information on chipmunk control at

If there is a food source around, chipmunks can be difficult to control without trapping. Repellents, such as moth flakes, can keep them out of an enclosed area, but long-term exposure can be bad for people as well. Are they doing any particular damage?

the holes in the yard are a problem. I am also not sure if they or rabbits are eating my perennials as they emerge from winter. I have a black lab that tries to dig out their hole to get to them. I look like a 20 hole golf course; and it's only May