Crimson pointe plum not growing in a tight columnar shape

Asked May 29, 2017, 7:27 PM EDT

Why is my crimson pointe plum not growing in a tight columnar shape? The limbs are branching out instead of growing straight up. Also, on some of the branches there are leaves on the entire branch and other branches only have leaves on the end. The tree is planted on the end of a garden bed on west side of the lot next to a driveway. It only gets partial sun as there is a large maple that shades the lot for part of the day. It gets mostly afternoon sun. We have had the tree for two years and it was approximately 8 feet tall when it was planted. At the time the tree was planted the limbs were growing more vertical. What can I do about this? The space is tight and we need the branches to be growing in a tight upright shape. Thanks for your help.

Hennepin County Minnesota plum trees

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Crimson plum According to product information on this tree, the mature width is up to 10 feet. Various sellers online have this range listed as 6-10 feet. Is this what you had planned for and it is growing beyond this? I also have seen different sellers indicate different light requirements. So it may be that this tree can do fine in different levels of light but may do best in full sun. This variety may also need pruning to keep it in a tight columnar form depending on your space. You can consult with a certified arborist for how best to do this given your site and the growth pattern. Additionally, it is possible to have different spreads or widths of the same variety of tree in different planting situations. It may be useful to talk with your seller of the tree to see what experiences they have had with it so far.