Plum Tree Bark Problem

Asked May 29, 2017, 3:02 PM EDT

Here are two photos of a purple leaf plum tree which has been in our backyard for about 10 years. It has typically done very well. The purple leaves on this tree still look good; however, last year the bark started splitting and coming off of the west side of the trunk and now it seems to be spreading to the other sides. Some areas of the tree trunk have cracks as well. At this rate, I am wondering if it will survive. What causes this an is there anything I can do to improve the condition of this tree?
Thank you

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here is some information on the causes of bark splitting and cracking. I suspect that the problem with your tree has been on going for several years. Once a tree is weakened, it is susceptible to disease. The damage to the trunk of the tree is significant, and it is possible that the tree will not survive. I recommend that you contact an arborist and start considering a replacement tree.