Maple Tree

Asked May 28, 2017, 7:14 PM EDT

I have a maple tree in my yard and a few years ago it started dropping large branches and it grows green leaves but after about 2 weeks or so the leaves get very brittle and the tips of them get blackish in color and begin to fall like it is fall time. Any thoughts on what is going on with the tree? The tree is right next to my house. Is my home in any danger of being damaged?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Your maple tree looks like it has anthracnose. It is common in wet years. It is important to clean up all of the leaves in the fall. It won't kill your tree unless the tree is defoliated for several years in a row. Here is a link to info about it. . It doesn't cause branches to die. Here is a link with some other maple problems for you to look at and compare.