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Asked May 28, 2017, 3:09 PM EDT

Hello, Could you please id this plant that I purchased 3 years ago? I thought that it was a wisteria vine. I have had to move it and this is its 2nd season in its current location,.

Calhoun County Michigan

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Are you talking about the photo on the left hand side? The other two look like a different plant altogether. The leaf is totally different. Has it every bloomed? If so do you have a photo of the flower? What is the reason you have moved it? Was there a identification tag with it when you purchased it?

Hi, I am thinking at a big local grocery store. The first time that I moved it was that it seemed to struggle to grow. The next was when we moved and it has never bloomed. I figured that it didn't bloom due to shock. I had two variegated hostas that I divided and laid all wilted for the rest of the summer. This year they are bigger than the parent. I have noticed that it may be bigger than last year. The I'd tag is gone. I usually keep those but that wasn't the time.

The weed on the left is called mares tail and can be removed by hand.

The wisteria vine will take several years to bloom, perhaps even as many as 10 years so be patient. Also, wisteria need heavy duty support so you may want to consider something with much more structure and strength than a chain link fence.

Good luck!