Disposing of infected shrubs

Asked May 27, 2017, 11:14 AM EDT

Hello, Through the extension website, I believe I have diagnosed my viburnum with the clearwing borer. The shrubs are dying quickly and the stems are very damaged. My plan is to remove them. Should these branches, stumps, and roots be disposed of in the garbage or can they be composted? I definitely do not want to spread this insect to other plants, so I worry about composting. Thank you! Jennifer

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Do not compost them. They should be bagged and put in the trash. They are a serious pest and home compost piles are rarely hot enough or hot enough for long enough to kill the larvae.

Thank you! I am also wondering if I need to do something to the soil before I plant another shrub in that area?

If you don't plant another viburnum there is little or no borer risk to the replacement.

If roots remain and you want to plant another viburnum, before you do, consider treating the soil according the recommendations in this bulletin:

Thanks for the response and the information. I am just wondering if this is the correct article? It's about controlling weeds in the lawn.

Sorry, I try to open the link but it is the same article again about lawn weeds.

Here is the relevant information from the website:

"Because the larvae feed shallowly on the stem below ground and many are exposed to the soil, the insecticidal nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora is effective in late August against these larvae. Apply the nematodes to moist soil and keep it moist so that the nematodes do not dry out and die."

We will try to provide the link one more time:


Or try entering the words "viburnum crown borers illinois edu" in your search engine.