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Asked May 27, 2017, 7:57 AM EDT

Is it possible to disable an individual sprinkler head in a run by simply mechanically preventing it's pop up function?

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I'm not sure what type of irrigation system you have, so this answer is for a home landscape system, rather than a large commercial type or one for agriculture or crop systems.

Most newer home iirigation systems have an adjustment on the sprinkler head itself that can turn it down and in some cases, completely off. This may be in the form of a dial on the head that can be turned by hand, or it might be an adjustment requiring a small screwdriver to turn a screw on the top of the head.

If your system does not have either of these, you can purchase small caps that replace the head on the pop-up sprinkler. These are threaded and screw on in place of the spray head. The sprinkler still pops up, because of the water pressure in the system while it's running, but no water is applied.

If you want to permanently disable the head, you can also remove the entire sprinkler head and cap off the supply line. This will take a little digging, in order to find where to install the cap. Whether capping off the spray head or the supply to the sprinkler, it's a good idea to take the part with you to the store so you can make sure you get right size, and one that is compatible with your type of system.

Most sprinkler heads pop-up because the water pressure inside the system pushes them up when the irrigation comes on. For most systems, mechanically preventing the pop-up would not stop water from passing through the pipe and out of the spray head.

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