Mold in attic rafters/sheathing

Asked May 26, 2017, 12:38 PM EDT

Besides adding ventilation, Is freezing adequate to treat mold oin the attic sheathing? Is it as successful as scrubbing and drying the wood? If you you use the freeze method, is it necessary to spray with a fungicide preparation? We are buying a house with this mold. We are concerned about the health of family staying up there, in a finished or unfinished attic. Also, what happens if we try to sell this house a few years later? We worry about liability and getting insurance. We are in Corvallis, Or. Benton County

Benton County Oregon

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Freezing is not an adequate method as it does not kill the mold. To remove mold, you will want to use a solution of mold and detergent, or mold and vinegar (1 half water, 1 half vinegar). Use this and scrub to kill and remove the mold. You will, as you noted, then want to dry the wood completely. I recommend getting the wood wet first, and then scrubbing. This prevents mold spores from being released into the air and being spread around. You may also want to wear a small mask.

Adding ventilation is a very good step to help reduce mold. You will also want to ensure there are no moisture sources, i.e. leaky water pipes, leaky roof, as that can contribute to mold growth. If you can remove the water source, that goes a long way in preventing future mold issues.

As a final note, if the affected area is greater than 10 square feet, I would recommend hiring a contractor with experience at mold removal and prevention. Additional information about mold removal and mold prevention can be found online at

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