Belinda Ramires

Asked May 25, 2017, 2:50 PM EDT

Hello I was searching the internet and came across a conversation you were having with another gardener on powdery mildew I have noticed on my peas they have powdery mildew on them I'm not quite sure if I should eat them or what to do to get rid of them they are not in any contact with any of the other vegetables in my garden I have checked to make sure of that but I don't want it to spread what would you suggest thank you

Wichita County Texas

1 Response

Well powdery mildew of peas is a plant disease caused by a fungus. It is known that nearly all plant diseases except a few do not affect humans or animals at all. So the powdery mildew is harmless so you could wash it off and consume the peas. Also, plant diseases like powdery mildew of peas only attacks other members of the pea or legume family like other peas or beans. So that powdery mildew will not attack for example melons, squash, carrots, mustard greens etc. But these other vegetables can get powdery mildew on their own but it would not come from the peas.