leaf mold?

Asked May 25, 2017, 9:22 AM EDT

Something is killing my pestimon and it looks like it is spreading to my rudbeckia. I had die-off in the similar area of my garden last year, could it be botrytis? Please advise Chris

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Have you noticed any fuzzy or gray mold? Here is a couple briefs on botrytis.

Did you have frost late this spring? I don't have pictures of frost damage, but am wondering about that too.

I found the culprit. Insects. Small black and red bugs looks like beetles - with wings under shell. They are smart, they see you coming and try to flee. They lay eggs and form with spittle, then grow to maturity. I've had spittle bugs before but they were yellow and jumped when they saw you coming.

Do you know this red bug? Is it something i can contain with manual squishing of bugs or should I be more aggressive? They were too small to take a good picture.

Possibly four lined plant bug nymphs. They can do a lot of damage, pick them as soon as you see them. Here's the extension brief that has pictures and suggestion. See if it helps.