Testing hosta for Anthracnose

Asked May 24, 2017, 8:35 PM EDT

Hi! I have some hostas that have had brown leaf edges every year for the last 3 years (since we've lived here). While the plants are in a partially sunny area, the plants have been getting progressively browner and dead on the edges only for the past 2 weeks (Early May). I'm concerned that this is caused by something more than sunburn and would like to have the plants tested for a fungus. Do you test for these at your location? If not, how do I go about finding a place to test them? If you do, how do I submit a sample to have tested?

Bucks County Pennsylvania

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Anthracnose is common in hosta. You can either take a sample to your local Penn State extension or send it directly to the Penn State plant clinic. Since anthracnose overwinters in plant tissue, The fungus can only be managed not eradicated. Here are the recommendations of Penn State's plant pathology department.
"Remove infected leaves. Irrigate plants in a manner that keeps water off the leaves. Apply a fungicide to protect healthy leaves."