flower bed over grown with crabgrass

Asked May 24, 2017, 8:20 PM EDT

Help! I have several flowerbed which are being consumed by crabgrass. I have tried everything short of digging up the whole bed or killing off all vegetation and re-planting Any suggestions you have on how to get the crabgrass under control with out killing off the rest of the plants would be greatly appreciated.

Douglas County Colorado

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We need to ensure it is really crabgrass rather than quack grass or another invasive weedy grass before we recommend control measures. A sample of the problem grass brought in to the Douglas County extension office or a photo would be recommended. Email photo to dcmgardenr@gmail.com

I have attached several photos including one area of the bed, an uprooted plans and also a closeup of a stalk that is starting to seed. Thanks for your help.

Your pictures do not look like crabgrass or goosegrass - both of which are annuals that are easily pulled out manually. (Their flower heads usually branch into 3 or five spikes, not a single stalk as in your picture.) Here is a link to a fact sheet with information about controlling annual weeds (in lawns). Note that the chemical treatments may harm your garden plants.

The photo looks more like quackgrass, which is an aggressive perennial grass that spreads by underground runners, and is very hard to control. Here is a link to an article with some suggested control methods.

Best of luck controlling the weeds!