Pine Wilt Nematode

Asked May 24, 2017, 7:42 PM EDT

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We have a tree that has started turning brown at the top. One arborist insists that it is from Pine Wilt Nematode, One says it might be, and one says probably not. The two that say maybe, are trying to sell us on topping the tree and trying to save it with spraying and fertilizer. We're trying to figure out if thats only going to end in removing the tree anyway. We do not know when it started, as we noticed it the first time we sat on our deck this spring. Thoughts?

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We already found that, and were asking for an opinion, but I guess thats not what we get here?

I am a new Master Gardener so I don't have additional info I can give you, however I will leave your question for a more seasoned gardener to look at tomorrow.
Above on pine wilt says does not affect native trees (ponderosa of pinon) wh is what your picture looks like.
Another possiblity is IPS pine beetle which we have seen active
Ips Beetles