ornamental grasses - are they invasive?

Asked May 23, 2017, 5:13 PM EDT

Hello. 12 years ago, I planted a grass similar to evergold - (but it is white and green) in a corner of my garden that abuts my driveway. It is very hearty, I cut it back in the spring and it has come back each year. It is planted near the street curb and the edge of my driveway as a fill in where snow plows and salt trucks travel in the winter. Several years ago, my neighbor planted a perennial garden across the narrow street from me (it is sort of the beginning of a cul de sac). This year she has little grasses (green) popping up in this new garden (which is heavily mulched.) Could this grass of mine travel under the pavement of our street into her yard? Her garden is on the opposite side of my driveway (the driveways face each other - not very long, either.) Another neighbor warned me that I would have to use Round up and get rid of it. I would really appreciate your advice - especially knowing if the grass is that invasive and if I should did it up. Thank you!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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I don't believe that your grass could have traveled under the street to get to her garden. If you are happy with it then I would keep it.