Asparagus flopping over

Asked May 23, 2017, 8:50 AM EDT

Hello, I planted asparagus crowns this fall and they have grown about 4 ft tall with fern-like fronds. A lot are really really skinny and some have flopped over (where the fronds are touching the ground). Should I prop them up? Should I tie some of them together (flopping one to one that is not flopping with a twist tie)? What should I do? Thanks!

Howard County Maryland

1 Response

It is normal for the foliage (fronds) to grow 4-5 feet tall on asparagus, and it would be fine to tie them up if want to keep them from flopping over. Leave this foliage up until the first frost in the fall. Cut the foliage down to 2-inch stubs after frost when the foliage turns yellow.

Here is additional information on growing and caring for asparagus: