Lawn care

Asked May 22, 2017, 2:05 PM EDT

My backyard borders the woods and I get lots of weeds on my lawn closest to the woods. My question is would it work if I created a barrier between the woods and my lawn (maybe a foot wide) with woodchips? Would this help protect my lawn from getting more weeds from the woods? Thanks!

Carver County Minnesota

2 Responses

This would help somewhat with weeds that spread via roots and rhizomes (it would allow the spread), but weeds that spread via seeds will still need to be controlled with preemergent herbicide, weeding and mowing. If your space allows, I suggest making the mulch strip a transition planting - a garden planting that uses native and non -native plants to create aesthetically pleasing change from managed lawn to your native woodland. This would create a barrier of sorts plus a natural looking transition. You will still need to manage weeds, but they will be less noticeable from your landscape.