Brownish aspen leaves

Asked May 22, 2017, 2:00 PM EDT

I live in Georgetown at 8,500 ft. I have one mature aspen tree that for the second year in a row has leafed out and the leaves immediately turn black around the edges, some with holes. The two young trees next to it are unaffected. This tree is always he first to leaf out. 20 yards dow nthe slope are 2 more mature trees that are in the process of leafing out but all the leaves are a yellowish brown. Again the younger tree next to it is unaffected. We had a very warm March, average April, and 18 inches of snow last weekend. Any ideas what this could be?

Clear Creek County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Hello and thanks for your inquiry. It's difficult to tell without photos, but possibly inkspot or maybe septoria? Please have a look at this CSU EXTENSION factsheet:

and let me know if we may be of further assistance. Feel free to contact me directly at the Clear Creek County Extension office: