Water quality for fermentation

Asked May 22, 2017, 12:02 PM EDT

I live in Deleware have Tidewater Utilities Southwood Acres Pump District.

I am following the directions from Cultures for Health's web-site. The recommend that the water be both fluoride and chloride free. The water quality report indicates .18 ppm fluoride Chlorine 1.58 ppm and 6.6 ppm Chloride. I have a Kohler K-202 water filter which does not work on fluoride and removes all chloride except the hexi-valiant form.
Will this water allow the probiotics to form properly?
Also can this water be used to make rice milk for yogurt without affecting the cultures?

Kent County Delaware

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Thank you for the question. I reached out to a colleague at the Delaware Office of Drinking Water for help providing a response. Below is some information for you in addition to his contact information should you have any follow up questions.

Good luck!

Municipal water often contains chlorine, chloride and fluoride. Those elements are unfavorable to home fermentation.

According to NSF (http://www.nsf.org/consumer-resources/what-is-nsf-certification/water-filters-treatment-certification/contaminant-reduction-claims-guide) the only way to filter chloride and fluoride is through reverse osmosis or distillation. Those methods will also remove chlorine.

Given the best filtration methods are those stated above, it may be easier to buy distilled water from the grocery store!


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