Asked May 21, 2017, 5:49 PM EDT

Invasive, hardy bamboo...

How do I rid my yard of this very determined, detrimental grass?

It is taller than my ranch roof and as big around as a blow up backyard pool. It is right next to my house, is growing UNDER the cement patio [6 feet) onto our screened in porch.

St. Clair County Michigan

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To get rid of bamboo you follow a multi-step, multi-season, process. I am giving you a link to an article that explains this. In a nutshell, you cut down what you have and dig as much of the roots out as possible, cut the remainder back to the ground, let the remainder resprout fresh leaves, and treat the leaves with a non-selective brush killer, such as the strongest concentrate of glyphosate you can find. You leave the treated leaves alone so that the herbicide goes down into the roots. This can take one-two weeks-- see the label of he product you use. Then you remove the dead material, wait for more to sprout, and treat them again. Always follow all label directions on the product you use.

Repeated mowing of the new sprouts when they are young -like turf grass- can eventually exhaust the root system, too, without using the herbicide. All sprouting must be monitored and treated repeatedly.

Here is the link:

Safe disposal is important. See page 3 of this article for disposal options of this herbaceous plant-

I'm sorry there isn't a quick way to rid your yard of this invasive.

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