Is this a fungus or mold?

Asked May 20, 2017, 10:54 PM EDT

Oh my.. Dug into my raised bed and saw this hard, white, stuff that sort of smelled like mold and my nose burned.. I kept digging and the area is maybe three feet wide, gave up going downwards.. Poisonous? I saw this in another part of the yard but I don't plant there.. HELP!!

Washington County Oregon fungus

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Thank you for your question. Yes; it is a fungus and a 'mold.' (Molds are fungi.) Healthy soil is full of it! It is helping to break down dead organisms, including roots, insects and leaves, so your soil is full of nutrients that your garden plants can use! So you are one fortunate gardener!

But an overabundance of it can also be a sign that your soil is too wet, which can impact the health of the plants you're trying to grow. Here's a link to an article which explains what's going on and how to address it. (Please ignore the title. Eliminating it will not be a result you want to achieve. In essence, you will have dead soil.)

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!