Red Oak with holes in leaves

Asked May 20, 2017, 8:49 PM EDT

We had a red oak planted on our front lawn last November. It's growing fine, but as of this week we're seeing little holes in the leaves, like something is eating them. No bugs, no larvae. The bark is fine. The holes are from teeny, up to ΒΌ". We live in Roseville, a northern suburb of Detroit. We haven't fertilized the grass or anything. Any ideas on what it might be, and how to stop it? Thanks for your help, and GO GREEN!

Macomb County Michigan

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A variety of insects can eat leaves in holes from June bugs to Gypsy Moths. If you are not finding any insects, then it is possible there will be no more damage. If the damage continues, you will need to track down what is causing it before you can properly treat the problem.

MSU Extension has some information on spring leaf-eaters at:

and on common oak defoliators at:

University of Minnesota Extension also has some good pictures and information at: