Fineline Buckthorne

Asked May 19, 2017, 9:52 PM EDT

Hello, I live in Michigan & purchased my Fineline Buckthorne 2 years ago I just transplanted 3 days ago & also used a root stimulater mixed with water as directed it is facing north now in the front of my home but leaves are looking wilted yellowish & dropping off could this be shock? and do you think it will come back to a nice green as it was in my yard, very worried I will loose it. Thanks

Macomb County Michigan

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Transplanted trees often suffer from transplant shock due to the loss of root, lack of water, or change in growing conditions (for example, shady to sunny areas). It may take some time to recover, but give it a chance to get its roots re-established. Good information on Transplant Shock of trees and shrubs can be found at: