Plum tree problems

Asked May 19, 2017, 5:18 PM EDT

Leaves dying from base up. Many holes in the existing leaves. Can it be fixed

Lane County Oregon fruit trees

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Thank you for the photos! You have a couple of things going on here, both associated with wet weather...

1: brown rot blossom blight:
2. leaf spot (also known as shothole due to the holes it produces in the leaves):

Prune out twigs infected with brown rot blossom blight and remove/destroy them. Looking ahead, plan to rake and remove/destroy leaves in the fall to minimize overwintering materials that may spread the disease. Prune, either this summer or next winter, to maintain an open plant canopy that facilitates good air flow that will aid in drying after spring rains.

At leaf fall, spray with a copper-based product to control shothole. One such product is Bonide brand Liquid Copper Fungicide, which is also labeled to be applied during the winter dormant season for brown rot blossom blight control. Monterey brand Liqui-Cop is also labeled for these diseases, although it is only labeled for dormant season application.