What are some medium to tall grasses that are deer-resistent in White Bear Lake?

Asked May 19, 2017, 1:31 PM EDT

Hi— We would like to plant medium to tall grasses in our front yard (faces west) and alongside our addition (one wall faces north and the other faces east) in our back yard. Will you please tell me which medium to tall grasses are deer-resistant? Please note that the east wall of the addition does not see a lot of sun (due to the fact that canopies from two large maples provide a good deal of shade), and the north wall, of course, offers very little sun. Also, we live about a mile from Tamrack Nature Center in White Bear Township, so our deer population is a bit challenging. Thanks, in advance, for your help! Nancy Roth 5230 Anderlie Lane White Bear Lake, MN 55110 nancycroth@gmail.com

Ramsey County Minnesota

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The best resource for ornamental grasses is the book Ornamental Grasses for Cold Climates by Mary Hockenberry Meyer, faculty here in the Department of Horticultural Science. It's great resource and can be purchased at local booksellers as well at the Arboretum gift shop and U of M bookstores.

Mary has an excellent blog, GrassTalk, that has very good resources you can use: Grasstalk https://grasstalk.wordpress.com/

Thanks for your advice! The author's book and blog sound interesting! Nancy