Asked May 19, 2017, 12:41 PM EDT

I have a portion of yard that I would like to de-lawn and transform into something more natural/native. I'm wondering what resources there are for planning my space, including knowing what natives grow best in my area. Thanks!

Harford County Maryland wildflowers and native plants landscape design

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Great choice to go with native plants! We recommend that you start by reviewing the resources on our native plants page: Observe how many hours of sun/shade you get in that particular space of your yard, and have your soil tested so you can be familiar with the soil conditions you have. (Here is a link to soil test information: Once you're familiar with the light and soil conditions, there are many resources you can use to identify specific plants that will do well on your site. Here are two we recommend highly:

Think about what you want to achieve in that space. Are you simply looking for something to replace the lawn and do less mowing? Do you want flowers blooming throughout the season? Do you want to attract birds/butterflies? Once you have an idea of your goals and the site conditions, you can do research using the sources listed above and select plants that fit your criteria.

If you need guidance on removing the existing turf, see this page (which also includes some suggested alternatives to lawn).

We hope this helps you get off to a good start. Don't hesitate to contact us again with additional questions as you proceed with your project. We would love to see photos of how you transform that space!