Suffering magnolia

Asked May 19, 2017, 11:33 AM EDT

We have a magnolia tree which is about 4 years old and although it gets lots of buds every year, it is yet to flower. They seem to die off and go brown before they have chance to flower. The leaves also seem to be afflicted. How can i save this beautiful tree?

Outside United States

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If this is a seedling Southern Magnolia, it could take many years to flower. The foliar buds are often large with a brown sheath that falls off to reveal leaves rather than flowers. If this is the case, keep waiting.
If there are other issues with the leaves, please respond and describe them or send some pictures of the problem (please include shots of the entire tree, most of a branch, a few leaves, and close up of both sides of a problematic leaf).
Please also let me know where the tree is since your question shows you are outside the US.
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