Blue arrow juniper hollowing in the middle

Asked May 19, 2017, 10:16 AM EDT

Hello my blue arrow juniper, which I love very much is thinking out in the center of the plant. Tree was planted about 10 years ago. Desperate for answers and help. Thanks.

Nassau County New York juniper blue arrow juniper

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There are many potential causes for your juniper's thinning including an insect pest or a disease, drought stress from the very dry summer we experienced last year, or a combination of a cultural problem - related to the plant's growing conditions - and an insect or disease, since plants that are stressed from a cultural problem are more susceptible to diseases and pests.

A soil test, which can be performed at your county cooperative extension office, will show whether the problem is a nutrient deficiency in the soil that can be corrected. You can find more information about the services provided by the Nassau County Cooperative Extension office here:

The following link will take you to a very informative page on the potential pest and diseases of junipers, and how to recognize and treat them:

Another home owner posted a similar question to this site, and you might find the response enlightening, since he described a problem similar to yours.

Consider having a certified arborist come and assess the tree in your yard. He/she will be able to give the tree and the conditions of the site in which it is growing a detailed examination and will suggest any necessary treatments. Most arborists do not charge for such consultations, and will only invoice you for services they provide following the initial consultation.