Soil sample results

Asked May 19, 2017, 9:29 AM EDT

We are a townhome community and have been established for 30 years. Last year we decided to try organic for our lawn care and used milorganic for the first time. This year we also did a soil sample test for the first time. It showed we were low in phosphorus 26 ppm and potassium 104 ppm and the company, Waypoint analytical, recommended fertilizer in 3 applications starting in August of 16 4 8 twice and 21 3 7 (for the last application). We would like to avoid using chemical fertilizers and stay with organic type. We are wondering if the milorganic would work but just needs more time to make a difference in the soil health and fix the deficiencies

Montgomery County Maryland

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Your soil pH is okay and no lime is recommended. Your soil test shows you are low in phosphorus. It would be okay to use the Milorganite.
In general organic products tend to be low in phosphorus and it may take longer to get where you need to be.
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