Shrub/bushy tree I.d.

Asked May 18, 2017, 8:37 PM EDT

Hello. Can someone help me identify this plant? It is a shrub of some sort that was planted along highway 65 in East Bethel (Anoka County) about two years ago. Was about a foot tall at that time and now is over six feet tall by about the same width. I am looking for something fast growing to line my driveway with to act as a screen. Fast growing, Sandy soil. Thank you.

Anoka County Minnesota

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The leaf and beginning flower head look a lot like common ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius). Take a look at the following three references and see what you think. You can compare shrub shape and bark with what is shown.

I believe that Highway 65 is a State Highway. You could also call the State Highway Department. Someone there will know.

A fast growing shrub that likes sandy soil:

First, take a look at the following Extension publication (entire contents online):

Sandy soil and beside the driveway is not necessarily tough but there are some good ideas in this little book. Also, it isn't clear if the area is all sun or part shade. The book covers both.

An equally useful reference is the following from U of M Extension:

You might want to take a particular look at the dogwoods or some of the new spirea cultivars. Both are fast growing and very attractive.

Good luck with your project!

Thank you so much, Karen. Very helpful information and I look forward to checking into all of the references you provided. I appreciate your assistance!