Help identify these plants

Asked May 18, 2017, 5:53 PM EDT

Can you help identify these two plants? We got them in pots in an estate sale.

Washington County Oregon

2 Responses

Doing this with a single picture is difficult so these are some guesses. i think the one on the right might be some form of cotoneaster. The one on the left looks a little like a deciduous azalea or rhododendron. It's hard to tell because I don't see any evidence of flower buds on either plant. It's possible it was too shady to form buds. In both cases it would be better to keep them in pots for a year (you might want to transplant into slightly larger pots) and see what happens over the course of a year. The one on the left will likely lose it's leaves over the winter but if it gets adequate sun, water and fertilizer it will likely form buds for next spring if it's a rhodie/azalea. For the one on the right, if it's a cotoneaster, it may lose some leaves (many are evergreen) but it will start forming small flower clusters now that will produce red or orange berries in summer through late fall.

Thank you!