My place of employment is a 3 story building in Lebanon, Ohio. Like last...

Asked May 18, 2017, 3:32 PM EDT

My place of employment is a 3 story building in Lebanon, Ohio. Like last year, we have honey bees coming in some 3rd floor windows and a few offices. There are many more bees this year getting inside and a swarm is now on the outside of the building.(We did not see a swarm last year). They are the same offices as last year. Who do we call to remove them? We have people here who are allergic to bees and they have to go in those offices. Last year, we could not find a swarm catcher able to get them because they are on the 3rd story. The pest control places said they will not help because it is illegal to kill them. We would rather move them than kill them. Is there someone who could come and use a bucket truck like the power companies use to get them? Any ideas what we can do? They really need to be moved. Thank you so very much for your assistance.

Jen Parker

Warren County Ohio honeybees

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Unfortunately, the typical beekeeper does not have the equipment to remove a swarm that is that high, so I don't have any "free" options to offer you. I do know of a business that does have a cherry picker that does remove bees and swarms in unreachable spots for a fee. I am unsure what it will cost. You will have to contact them yourself. The company's name is On the Level Contracting. There phone number is (513)315-6474. I spoke to him and the cherry picker could be available for the job, but you probably need to contact him in a hurry. The owner's name is Bill Jones.

Greg Meyer


Thank you so very much for your reply and the contact. Our CEO did find someone yesterday evening who says they can do it and they are coming this weekend. I passed the info along to the CEO in case his contact doesn't work out.

Thank you again for your reply and contact info.

Jen Parker