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Asked May 18, 2017, 2:30 PM EDT

We have a honey crisp tree that has an apple maggot problem, my question is, does that ever go away? If we bag the apples every year and thin the ones we don't bag, will the maggot problem go away? If not, how do the big farms deal with apple maggots? Is there a treatment for the soil? I am really thinking of cutting down my tree if I can't get rid of the maggots. Also how long does it take for an apple tree to bear fruit? I planted two apple trees that I sprouted from seed, and I have only gotten one bloom, but no apples, so far. The trees are only three years old.

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Unfortunately, apple maggots won't go away. If you are removing their source of food, you will reduce the population, but neighbors may not be as tidy as you. If you want a clean crop, you will have to deal with the problem.

Bagging is not really that hard, at least compared to spraying. Spraying has to be done almost weekly from July through to harvest. It only takes a couple of hours to bag a hundred or so apples on a tree.

There is no soil treatment. Commercial growers spray. Read here:

As for your last question, apple trees are usually propagated by graftings. Apples grown from seed may not resemble the original apple. In addition, your apple tree from seed will likely be full sized, not dwarf, which means it will take 8-10 years before you get a crop. Read here: