Please ID Invasive Groundcover

Asked May 17, 2017, 10:25 PM EDT

Please identify this invasive groundcover. It is taking over a section of my woods and pushing out the native plants that were here. Thank you for any assistance!

Wayne County Michigan

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Hello. Do you ever see flowers on this plant? How tall does it grow and would you describe the habit as vining, shrublike or something else? Thanks for your help!

Hi there. No, I have never seen flowers on this plant before. It grows 6 - 8 inches high but does not appear to vine or be shrub-like.

Hello. Sorry for the delay-I typed another response but must have closed the app without sending it. I have been showing your photos to colleagues and we are working on the ID. is this a deciduous plant or evergreen? And when you pull one up what kind of root structure does it have?

Hi - sorry it took me a bit of time. I had to pull up a sample and I wanted to take a photo of it for you. I believe the plant is deciduous. I have attached a photo for you so you can see the root structure.

Thanks. Working on it! I was gone for the holiday.

Guess what-your plant has been identified! It is euonymus obovatus, running strawberry bush.