Help with ivy plant

Asked May 17, 2017, 8:48 PM EDT

I have an ivy plant in trouble. Half of it is fine but the other half is wilting. The leaves are turning brown and falling off. A garden center employee suggested replanting in a new pot with fresh soil. I have done that on Sunday. The good part looks better but there is no improvement in the bad part. This is a plant from my Mom so I would feel bad if it died. I usually have a green thumb. No sticky residue on the plant or old pot.

Howard County Maryland houseplant english ivy indoors

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Repotting was a good idea.
Now we suggest cutting out and discarding the dead and dying parts of the plant, all the way back to the soil.
It might seem harsh, but new growth should come.
It's possible that you have some mites, which are very, tiny insects on the leaves.
You could check by (after cutting off the affected branch) shaking it sharply over a piece of white paper, and watching for tiny dots walking across the page.
Dispose of the cuttings in the trash.
Feel free to bring the plant to the sink occasionally and rinse off the leaves, top and bottom.
Give the plant some time to grow new leaves. Keep watch for mites if you saw them before, and use an insecticidal soap spray labeled for houseplants if needed.
You could move this plant outdoors in the shade for the summer if you would remember to water it, and make sure it doesn't root and take off into your yard as english ivy is now considered invasive.