Planting proximity of boxelder maple to sewer lines

Asked May 17, 2017, 6:28 PM EDT

We just purchased a maple and are wondering how close ro the sewer line we can plant.

Pennington County South Dakota

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As long as your sewer lines are in good condition, not leaking, probably the main concern would be that if at some point the line did have to be dug up, that the tree or its major roots could be in the way. So, I would suggest staying at least 6-8' away to be safe. Most modern sewer lines are made out of pvc pipe, so are solid-walled all the way out. As long as they are buried deeply enough, below the frost line, they should be OK. If a crack did develop, that is when there is the potential for roots to invade a sewer line causing a clog. Very old sewer lines were made out of clay tile that had a small gap between each tile so it was much more likely for roots to get in.