What is wrong with my clematis??

Asked May 16, 2017, 9:15 PM EDT

I have a clematis growing on the east side of my garage. Last summary I noted in the end of the summer the leaves started turning yellow. Didn't die but yellowed. Now this spring it is starting out with some yellow leaves. It seems to be growing and climbing on the trellis there. Hope you can help me solve this problem. I don't know the variety the flowers are purple an old one, a slip of my Dad's.

Sibley County Minnesota

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I found an answer for you from Illinois extension.
"may be a nutrient deficiency. If the yellow leaves show up first on new growth it could be iron if on old growth first than probably manganese. Deficiencies can be brought on by high pH soils and drought. I suggest fertilizing with a fertilizer with trace elements and see if this corrects the problem. Also be sure to keep clematis mulched and well watered during dry spells. Hope this helps"
The yellowing may also have been caused by too much water, the clematis appears to be recovering the new leaves look fine.