Tomato transplants

Asked May 16, 2017, 11:15 AM EDT

On April 24th I transplanted six tomato plants and four pepper plants out into my vegetable garden that had just recently been roto-tilled with some collected leaves from last year. Watered thoroughly for the next few days and then all the tomato plant leaves turned yellow. Added some fertilizer around each (5-10-10) and watered it in. No change to date. Can you advise me what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

New Castle County Delaware

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There are many reasons why tomato plants turn yellow among them over-watering or under-watering, nitrogen deficiency, plant disease. From what you have written, I do not think that your problem is over or under watering. Tomato leaves also turn yellow at the bottom but not until the plant is tall and bushy. My first impression when you wrote this question was that there may be a nitrogen deficiency in the soil. Leaf mulch is great but it takes a very long time to break down to do any good. I would recommend that you get your soil tested through your local extension service. If it shows a deficiency then Nitrogen or Potassium is easy to get at your local plant store. My recommendation is that you get your soil tested first. If this does not fix your problem, please call us or email me back. I hope this helps..